Google Chat

Google Chat allows Google Workspace users to connect, share files and chat seamlessly on a one-on-one basis or in spaces comprising different team members internally and externally. The best thing is Chat is easily integrated with Gmail to help users keep track of all their work communication and conversations in one window.

Content sharing using Chat

Google Chat makes it easy to share information across members of your organization. You can share messages with emojis to express various emotions. With GIFs, you can share light-hearted messages of appreciation, disapproval, shock, disappoint, etc. There can be no boring moment during the day.

Additionally, you can share files by clicking the upload button. You can even create instant meetings and share the details by clicking the video icon! Convenient, right!

Chat History

When communicating with your collegues, you might want to retain the messages for future reference. With Google Chat, you can turn on history by clicking Chat then click the down arrow next to the name of the recipient. Select Turn on History. To turn history off, repeat the former instructions and select Turn off History. Any messages sent after turning history off will be deleted after 24 hours.

Group Chats

You can create groups chats with two or more people using Chats. This is optimal for sending messages using one medium instead of sending to each member individually. To do this, select New Chat > Start group conversation, add the members of the group, then click the check mark.

Creating Spaces

Alternatively, you can create a new space. With Spaces, you can chat with multiple members, share files, and assign tasks to specific people.

Under Chat, click Spaces > Create a space, give the space a name, optionally add a description, and add the participants of the space using their names, emails, or even group mailing lists. You can select the space access controls to either Restricted or your entire organization. With Restricted, only added people and groups can join.

You can allow external members to join by click the Allow people outside your organization to join checkbox. In addition, you can arrange your conversations topicwise. Just select Advanced then click Organize the conversation by topic checkbox.

Click Create and Behold! You have created a space!

Collaboration in dedicated spaces, assign tasks, and share files

Google Spaces

To get a more in-depth understanding of Google Spaces, watch this video.