Google Meet is an online video meeting service that allows people to connect virtually in HD from their laptop, tablet, phone, or conference room unit. Google Meet includes screen sharing for enhanced collaboration, as well as voice calling and instant messaging via text chats for quick conversations. It has dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android. Google Meet is integrated with Google calendar to allow for remote participation in meetings via video links automatically. It also allows users who are not in your domain to join and participate in your video conference without the need to install any application.

Web Access

Option 1

1. Open your Chrome Browser

2.  Select the Google apps icon on the top right and access Google Meet or type in the URL and open Meet.

Option 2

Mobile Access

Accessing Google Meet on your device has never been easier. All you need to do is:

Changing Layout

You can change the layout of your meeting screen by:

Screen Sharing


If your presentation has a video or animation, you best choice would be to share a tab as opposed to your entire screen.

Once you are done presenting, return to your Meet tab and click Stop presenting


Alternatively, you can be part of a meeting only to present your screen. 

After you are done presenting, return to your Meet screen and click Stop presenting

Prevent screen sharing by participants

To turn screen share on or off:

Security Features

Meeting codes—Each meeting code is 10 characters long, with 25 characters in the set. This makes it harder to brute force “guess” meeting codes.

Meeting details—Can be changed in the invite. Completely changing the video meeting invite changes both the meeting code and the phone PIN. This is especially useful if a user is no longer part of the meeting invite.

Additionally, if a person from an external organization tries to join a meeting without an invite, the meeting host can choose to admit them into the meeting or deny entry.

Holding a Large Google Meet Conference Call

To hold a meeting of more than 250 users, you MUST ensure the user setting the conference call has the supported license.

Stepwise Guide

3. Start to create an event and click More options

4. Set the event date and time. Add ALL the 400 people's emails as Guests.  And un-select all Guest permissions as shown below. This will prevent anyone who is not on the Guest List from joining/adding more guests/strangers. 

5. The Google Meet Conference call will automatically be added to the event and invited users can join it when the data/time comes. DO NOT SAVE THE EVENT YET. Go to Video Call options as shown below: 

6. In Video Control settings, go to Host Controls →Enable Host Management, and disable all the actions you do not want users joining the call: Share screens, Send chats, Send reactions, etc. 

7. Still Under Host Controls, set the access control to Restricted to only allow invited people to join the call and enable Attendance tracking. 

8. Then click on Guests and Enable “ Call Artifacts ….” and add Co-Hosts to add people who will be event co-hosts and event speakers and tech support who will do things like slides/decks/documents control in the screen share controls. 

9. You can also create breakout rooms and let them be automatically assigned. Save the Video Controls 

10. Save the Calendar Event

11. Send the event